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Donut Holes

All our donut holes are baked, not fried. We require a day's notice for all orders. 

PRICES (+ $1 fee for all Venmo Transactions) 

  • 2 Dozen / Pick up to 2 Glazes -- $25
  • 3 Dozen / Pick up to 2 Glazes -- $27
  • 3 Dozen / Pick up to 3 Glazes -- $30 

Free Toppings Available: Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, Red Sprinkles, Non-Pariels (Dot Sprinkles), Gluten-Free Oreos, Sliced Peanuts, Coconut, Mini Chocolate Chips and Mini Yogurt Chips. 

Our Glazes: 

  • Cinnamon-Sugar Glaze
  • Chocolate Glaze
  • Peanut Butter Glaze
  • Chocolate Glaze
  • Matcha Glaze
  • Maple Glaze
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Strawberry Glaze
  • Vanilla Glaze**

**Vanilla Glaze includes ingredients manufactured on the same equipment as peanuts.

    Ready to order? Text us at 714-889-8818 or email us at: strohnutsbakery@gmail.com -- we'll respond quickly!

    We ask that you give us one day's notice for all orders. (Ex: If you would like an order for a Saturday -- let us know by Friday around 4 pm!) While we are closed each Monday, we still accept orders for the following day/future dates.