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Strohnuts Home Bakery

Baked. Never Fried. Gluten-Free. Made to Order.

Cottage Food Class A Permit #PR0115077

Fullerton Business License #576178

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Strohnuts Home Bakery

Fullerton, CA 



Tuesday through Sunday 

 7 am - 4 pm


I ordered a dozen of the Matcha donuts and wasn't disappointed. The bread was perfectly done. I actually had a few leftover after a couple days had passed, and the donuts hadn't dried out one bit. 

Neil B.

The cinnamon cake donuts were perfect! I had never tried baked donuts before and loved how moist the bread was.

Joseph K.

Ok, so real talk here! These donuts are moist, tender, and flavorful!! If you are looking for a FANTASTIC snack, this does quite nicely!! So far I have tried the chocolate and the cinnamon. You would never know they were gluten-free.

Amanda F.

What an exciting surprise to get gluten-free donuts delivered straight to our door! I have Celiac disease and it's been years since I've had a donut. When I bit into the maple donut it brought me back to being a kid. I love the flavor and the moistness of the donut. Sean is so kind and we really enjoyed talking to him when he brought the donuts. It also feels great to support a local business! We will definitely be ordering more donuts in the future!!

Antoinette W.